5257 Walker Mill Road • Sophia, NC • 27350

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Our Vision, Philosphy and Goals
    We would like to thank you for your interest in Civitan Park's Rec and Laker programs. We are very excited about the teams being put together and the future of the organization. With that in mind, we would like to share with you some of our insights and expectations for the organization.
   1. Parents are expected to participate. You are the dream behind the team. Without you, our teams
       will be short term and lack the support our organization, teams and kids need.

   2. Coaching/Training is more than winning.
       • Defense first. Excellent defense (including pitching) always keeps you in the game.
​       • Practice is better than the game. It's where we learn and are able to work on problems.

   3. Player Development
       • We require great attitudes and respect for the game. This begins with the adults. Kids just want
          to play the game. Critical parents will poison the attitude and coach-ability of players.
       • Expectations are the cornerstone to success. Where nothing is expected nothing will be
         achieved. Therefore we will push, demand and require excellence from all coaches, parents
         and players.

   4. Winning
       • This is a by-product of points 2 and 3, not the other way around.
       • When we win it is a testimony that we are doing something right before we step on the field.
             (Winning on the field means nothing if we create cheaters and self-absorbed players.)

The Vision
       • Better Baseball, Better Kids. That's it in a nutshell, but the best way to say it is that these kids
         should have better lives because they know us (parents included) and that we raise the bar and
         teach them to go further than they ever imagined they could. That is our responsibility.

The Goal
       • To create Championship caliber baseball players that enjoy success in every area of life.              
       • Kids function best when they are growing, learning and developing. Self-worth rises and they 
          begin to love what they are doing. We are seeking to create that type of culture through 
          this baseball/softball organization.

Better Baseball, Better Kids, Better Community!